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AcuFast Vantage

AcuFast™ Vantage

The AcuFast Vantage is selected for her ability to perform in every stage of production; from the GDU all the way to her offspring in the packing plant. She delivers value in every single trait. When her value is totalled up, we are confident she is the most complete female on the market.

She is renowned for her docility, prolificacy, robustness, longevity and the full value pigs she contributes to the market. She was built on the strong foundation of the Fast 276 and we will continue to enhance her through strategic gene and trait additions.

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Acufast Duroc

AcuFast™ Duroc

The AcuFast™ Duroc was built within a commercial system to perform for our commercial partners. Our unique data capture platform allows the AcuFast™ Duroc’s offspring to excel from the farrowing house to the packing plant.

Starting with a foundation of robust and uniform litters, his progeny forge a path to more pigs weaned and more full value pigs to the packing plant. All the while providing highly competitive growth and conversion with industry leading carcass yield and composition. He was built on the strong foundation of the Acuity Duroc and we will continue to enhance him through strategic gene and trait additions.

Acufast Kantor

AcuFast™ Kantor

The AcuFast™ Kantor is the first cross between our AcuFast™ Duroc and AcuFast™ Pietrain lines. The AcuFast™ Kantor is the opportunity to combine the robustness and growth our of Duroc with the lean muscle and yield of our Pietrain to offer an F1 boar product to our natural service focused customers.

Acufast DuroMax

AcuFast™ DuroMax

The AcuFast™ DuroMax is three parts Duroc and one part Pietrain. He combines the growth, durability, and meat quality characteristics of the Duroc with the added feed efficiency and lean meat yield of the Pietrain.

Acufast Pietrain

AcuFast™ Pietrain

The AcuFast™ Pietrain has been selected for growth, feed efficiency, yield, loin size, and backfat thickness. For customers seeking extra yield, increase carcass muscling and differentiated conformation, this boar is for you.